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Chairman speech
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2010, known as the first year of China's low carbon. Low carbon means environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, which means the production, life style and value of the transformation. For agricultural production, it means the transformation of the way.
Guangdong Volkswagen agricultural Polytron Technologies Inc, as the first to propose and implement low-carbon agricultural strategy of environmental protection type of national high-tech enterprises, has become the country's largest recycling of resources and agricultural enterprises.
Low carbon agriculture, not only related to the interests of hundreds of millions of farmers, is the bounden duty of the fertilizer enterprises. Low carbon agriculture, agricultural fertilizer is the use of low carbon and high efficiency, realize the sustainable development of agriculture. Popular agricultural adhering to the "low carbon high yield -- the price of agricultural products maker" corporate mission, based on the recycling of resources as a starting point, to create environment-friendly agricultural industry chain the commanding heights. Popular agricultural field "master" soil conditioner is only industry in a register of the national Ministry of agriculture and won the green production material certification brand new environment-friendly fertilizer.
Manufacturers to create brands, distributors to promote the brand, consumers have the brand. The 900 million farmers are trained to become experts in agriculture is a gorgeous dream, sent the most cost-effective high-tech agricultural products to farmers is the practical action. Public agricultural as low carbon environment-friendly agricultural leader, determined with the dealer and farmer friends together to create the first brand of environment-friendly agricultural industry chain.

President: Lin Xiaoming